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And her name is G L O are I A
G L O are I A (Gloria)
G L O are I A (Gloria)
I'm gonna shout it all night (Gloria)
I'm gonna shout it everyday (Gloria)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Great set of beautiful Gloria !!!
Arkisi , you mention ED isn't that popular , I myself really enjoy your site. I was drawn to ED for 4 reasons, One being, I knew you are one of the very best in the business, the others were Colleen, Kika, Loretta and Tristana, I had to see more of them. And I honestly believe, with you shooting her, Colleen could become as popular as the likes of Milena D, or Katya Clover,/Mango. But besides all that, if there is anything I can do to help promote your site, I will gladly do it for you. I typically only sign up for a month at first, but know I will upgrade, there's no way I want to miss out on anything you are doing !! : )

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P.S. Arkisi , I just viewed the video of Gloria for the first time, magnificent !!! You should do more with Gloria. I haven't seen all your films yet, but those I have seen, are Excellent !!!

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My gawd, this woman was born to wear lacy nothings. (: And that bottom of hers was designed to be displayed FD/AU. What a mind-blowing sequence!

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I wasn't thinking straight when I first saw the thumbnails for this set. I thought "Why is he starting Gloria off with her lacy underthings halfway down her legs already?" until I saw Arimein's comment below. I hadn't even recalled Gloria's prior opening to this set.

I've noticed that Arkisi's technical handling of available natural daylight for sets has been great lately. Colors and shadows are truer and have less color casts to them.

And as for Gloria herself...frames #s 6 & 7 stopped me right in my tracks. Gloria has another one of those faces that are real show-stoppers... and the rest of her ain't so bad either...

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Gloria is such a beautiful lady and these new photos are amazing. The only criticism I'll make is that "Echo" is only the continuation of "Lace". I am not a big fan of sets cut in two, but anyways, thanks for giving us new beautiful photos with Gloria :)

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If only ED would be as popular as other sites in MA Network, I agree with you. But right now rather not.

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But don't get me wrong Arkisi. I love Gloria, I love this photoshoot, and I'm glad to see new photos, you always do an amazing job. And I am a very happy member of ED :)

  • Zakk
  • 12 months ago
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People are definitely missing out - ED is a great site!

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