Eternal Desire
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Love the white flower accent in Solana's dark hair. Nicely shot set.

Not that they can be trusted, but published measurements can't be right (29-31-27). Makes for a VERY strange looking model.

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I changed to 29-27-31


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Well, I have to disagree with Mr. _fer_realz_. I liked the fingers on her pussy (and in her pussy) and on her butthole (but not in her butthole).

IMHO there were enough pictures with a clear view of her genitalia.

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Congratulations on shooting the magnificent Solana, Arkisi! But please, not so many fingers the next time. Fingers are great in a masturbation video, but in a still set, they only block the view of the nice parts. I can see a woman's fingers anytime I want any day ~ I don't get to see a pretty woman's private parts nearly as often. (:

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