Eternal Desire
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Fantastic shots of Zelda spreading her gorgeous little pussy wide open. Shot 61 is just incredible

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Such an alluring smile!

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ohhh YES !

model, poses and photography are all exceptional

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I consider myself a Zelda connoisseur, lol. I collect all her modeling work and I have to say this is one of the best I have seen.

Everything is on point. Hair, make-up, poses.

I can't find any fault with Zelda. She's a perfect 10

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An appropriate title for this set Zelda dose show her grace

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Epic poses, Zel.


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spectacular set. great spreads, closeups and pink shots

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The eyes, the smile the dimples, the body, they are all familiar by now to each and every one of us. What's new (and, perhaps because of the vagaries of the way the sets are posted may be either old or new) is Zelda's hairstyle & color. Her trademark bangs are gone and, in place of her very dark, bordering at times on black hair, Zelda sports a different hair style and color. I'm not sure about the rest of the members, but I like it. Of course, Zelda could be all but bald and I'd still like it (and I'm not so sure that THAT wouldn't be so unattractive either). The only thing I long to see her in in terms of hairstyle is a kind of short, pageboy style haircut. And almost any color would do - that is except blond - I don't think she'd be able to pull of a bleached blond look. Oh, and long as I'm asking ... a well-groomed bush would be nice too.

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And ... as an afterthought ... after looking at #20, I'm not so sure that a properly executed and well-placed small tattoo of a pair of red lipstick lips on that glorious derriere wouldn't be so out of place. Even a nicely-placed set of bite marks wouldn't be amiss ... I'd even offer to do it for free.

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I'm sorry but this site's software must be malfunctioning. I can only see set scores that run up to a "10".

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Like a Fine Aged Bourbon, Zelda is Truly Intoxicating...
In my opinion, the best sets of some of the best artists here have been done with this Goddess. An absolutely stunning Creature! Very exciting set, well done!! Blessings to All! ;o) XOXOXO

"The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants but The Head Knows What The Heart Doesn't"...

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She is absolutely breathtaking, what a treat it is to view these amazing pictures of this stunning model and her gorgeous nude body

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