Eternal Desire
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Caddy is darling in this set, very pretty girl. I like to imagine it's a Sunday morning, I've just made coffee for the two of us and we're about to share a luxurious lazy day together, never even getting dressed....ah to dream :)

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What an delicious, lickable, fuckable great 18 year old girl. My dick thanks her !

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Loved the choice of lipstick shade - not too garishly bright - just enough to set her delicious mouth off agains her pale skin, black hair and black sweater dress. Could have gone just a wee bit lighter on the rouge - though I like the way it sets off her high-set cheekbones.

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Vixen-like and, at the same time very, very cute. :-)

Missed the obligatory "erect-nipple-poking-through-the-fabric-holes" shot though. :-(

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