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the high res pics are med res less than 1k??

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Just saw your new posting of "Vesmira" over on MetArt and had to come back to visit and drop you a note.

Whatever you do, sign this woman to a long-term contract. Despite the low score her set has garnered (no explaining some people's tastes), she has that certain "something" that comes through the camera.

And, since I didn't mention it in my comments before, very, very nice work - especially with the restrictions enforced of natural lighting.

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As Tiny Tim Cratchit might be wont to say "More please!"

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That was Oliver Twist said that, Arkie. However, heartily endorse the sentiment. Definitely more, PLEASE!

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Ooops ... failure of left-brain/right-brain crossover ... (or mebbe jes' gettin' old - again) ;-)

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Pink-nosed puppies, short dark hair, tight, toned body & expressive face ... what's not to love?

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I love that "expressive face" is on your list, because it's on mine, too!

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As long as we're makin' lists ... this is one set that practically cried out for a pair of black (or maybe red come to think of it) stilettos - leastwise in my book.

I don't know what it is but women with dark, short-cut hair drive me absolutely nuts (in a good way). I mean really ... really ... nuts ... for some reason.

I generally like window-lit subjects like this and this set, with Callista's dark hair, relatively light-toned skin color paired with red/black lingerie, is a great subject for this kind of lighting. Well done Mr. Arkisi!

Frames like #s 14-17 & 19 & 20 always make sets like this score high on my "like list".

And Callista ... if you're reading ... welcome - and try to make it back here as often as you feel comfortable. I'd hate it if this was your only set but, if forced to ... I could live with it. Thanks!

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