Eternal Desire
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YUMMY!! More more more!

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The initial series of frames #s 5-9 are real eye-grabbers. I agree whole-heartedly with _fer_realz_ in that this young woman has enormous potential and I too would love to see many more collaborations with her.

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BTW Arkisi... great job in handling the technical side of making this set. Clarice appears to have rather pale skin and your overall lighting, combined with the setting for the shoot itself and accented by Clarice's bright red lipstick and wonderful purple pantyhose, combine to make a visually very interesting first set. I especially like the mix of natural filtered daylight and bounced lighting - neither overdone with blown-out highlights nor underdone with muddy shadows. VERY nicely handled!

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Yes, with a some help of the window on the right which filled the shadows in the room

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Whoah! Clarice is amazing!

I hope you have many, many more sets with her, it would be a shame if this were her only set!

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You're right - I just couldn't allow to make just one set :) We made more...

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Thank you Arkisi, that is great news! (:

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