Eternal Desire
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Image #83 is one of the most fabulous and exciting poses ever posted by Arkisi. And Cordelia is smiling about showing herself so beautifully. Thank you Cordelia and Arkisi. This image, downloaded in large format, is already one of my treasures.

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What a smile !

Thanks for sharing your incredible bod, Cordelia.

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Cordelia is truly magnificent and this is a good set of her in spite of the "less-than-ideal location". The use of bathrooms and tubs does not appeal to me, especially if the tub is filled with what appears for all the world to be pond water... Not the case here of course, but the point being bathroom scenes are not my favs, even when featuring one of my very favorite is the case here.. But whaddu I know...only what I like. ;o) And I SURE like this "Cordelia"!! XOXOX :o) Thank you for sharing, gorgeous! My day has become much brighter!

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LOL Looks like I picked the wrong set to bitch about "bathrooms"...before looking at the set! SHAME on me!!
This one is actually very elegant...not really a "bathroom" at all. Good choice!!! ;o)

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