Eternal Desire
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eternaldesire will always have a warm spot in my heart because of your work with this most extremely beautiful young lady. Thank you for the "encore!"

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Yay, Kika's back!! I'm with Skippy on this...what he said. Thanks Kika, thanks Arkisi!

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Sorry, dude, this is old set. She is retired, just wanted to remind us of her beauty.

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Bummer - hopefully you have a few more saved up to remind us again. Thanks Arkisi; because of you and a few others, we can revisit Kika whenever we want! Happy and healthy life to you Kika, we'll miss you!

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Sorry to hear that she has retired. Thanks for bringing back this set. Would love to see anything else you have on her. She is one of the all time greats.

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I've said before that I think Kika is perhaps the most beautiful model on the MA network, which is saying a lot. Honestly, the endorphins kick in looking at this woman even when she is fully clothed, but seeing her open up like this is quite a jolt. Um...please feel free to charge her up and hit me again! I'm pretty sure I can take it.

Thanks, Kika, for sharing and thanks Arkisi for bringing her to us.

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Ditto. I also love the magnificent Kika.

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