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Kika has the sexual charisma of Marilyn Monroe! She just naturally oozes sexuality. Few have it like that. Love how she enters the room with sexy top and no panties, her eyes pulling us in. The tan lines were nice touch, calling out her spectacular rack and ass. I was fully mesmerized at 2:45 when she starred us down, forcing us to choose between focusing on her twinkling eyes or that magnificent labia now spread before us in all its glory. When she started opening and closing her pussy I had no choice! She looked amazing later on her knees on the bed, flaunting her great curves. The closeup of her face and eyes at 7:00 was so soft, but piercing. Taking her in from above at 10:00 was a great angle to enjoy her beauty. Arkisi, magnificent work capturing this stunner!

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Wow! Oh WOW! What an amazingly beautiful lady! O Kika! Oh darling, what a beautiful smile! I love your eyes, your beautiful electric blue eyes! Your face is so beautiful! And I love the color of your hair! The shape and size of your breasts, your breasts are perfect! Mouthwatering nipples! I love the shape of your legs, I could stroke your legs all night long with my hands! OOooo, you're opening & Opening & OPENING even more! AHhhh, Oooh, oh yes and then you tilt up and spread it, oh sweetheart, oh yes. oh you sweet woman! What a beautiful, hot little, moist vixen you are!!! Kika, Thank you!

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Kika is beautiful, talented, sexy, erotic and responsive. She has a wonderful body, spectacular tits and lovely pussy. She is entirely desirable. I love here photo sets and movies. I love her too. Thank you for presenting her in such a wonderful way.

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I don't understand how anyone would not like to see Kika in a video. It's exactly why I subscribed to this site. So Arkisi don't let anyone stop you from making more videos of Kika. PLEASE make more videos of her, I don't think I can get bored even after I see thousand videos of her. She is an absolute goddess, most beautiful!

One small thing though, I fully support however models want to express themselves. Whether they choose to be explicit (ie. masturbate) or not be revealing as much. It is just my personal preference that I am only into softcore (ie. I don't like masturbation or see the models spread their pussy however, I love closeups of pussy and ass). Arkisi it is completely your artistic integrity however you want to produce your videos. It is just my request as a Kika fan not to push the boundaries of explicitness of her like this. I loved the closeups of her beautiful pussy but I didn't like it when she was spreading her pussy and rubbing it. Her previous video was perfect in terms of explicitness, please make more videos like that. Again it is just my preference and humble opinion only.

Finally, did you know that Playboyplus is featuring European women now? I think it would just be absolutely amazing for Kika to be covered in Playboy! With her stunning looks she would be so popular over there. More people should know about her beauty. I think photographers like Fredrik Andersson, David Merenyi, Gabor Klinszky and Paul Hamilton are working there. If you want you can put in a good word for her to be featured in Playboy. I would love to see very uninhibited videos of her in Playboy!

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Kika is incredible and beautiful. The video shows her qualities perfectly. She is stunning.

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I got ALL excited when I saw Kika was back, until I discovered that it's a video!! Can we PLEASE have the photos from this shoot?? And could you please stop making the girls do something that they clearly do not enjoy MAKING LAME VIDEOS!!

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I thouhgt we are FRIENDS!!!! Oh,NOOOOOOO....


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LOL What does our "friendship" have to do with bad videos!?? :o)
I can't help that I find them "lame", but it has nothing to do with your "talent" or anything else that "you" do.
Don't take it personally "friend"'s just my personal preference that's at the root of my remarks.

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Don't listen to Rock, Arkisi, he forgets where he is sometimes! LOL

J/K Rock, sorry you don't like Arkisi's vids, I LOVE them and I BEGGED him to bring them back when they were gone for awhile, so you're just gonna have to blame me, buddy. ( ;

Good job, Arkisi, keep the videos coming, please! ( : ( : ( :

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HAH! You actually think he would "listen to me"!! LOL That's pretty funny fer...;o)

I'm happy that you're getting your wishes fulfilled, but we have different ideas about videos...;o)

It's all good....for

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Just curious, Rock, what are your ideas about video? Why are Arkisi's substandard, in your opinion? I can totally understand why you'd disapprove of the majority of videos on MA, but Arkis's stand head and shoulder over those any day, IMO.

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My ideas about videos....?
First of all, I've never called Arkisi's videos "substandard" or even indicated that I though that....or that his were any better or worse than anyone elses. I've only always said that I don't like the videos because the girls almost always look uncomfortable and hesitant about what to do next, seemingly without "direction". And the music is generally about as hoaky as porn music gets. Of course that's based on very few samples of the music because if I do happen to look at a video, it's always muted.
That's probly the primary reason I don't care for the vids fer... I just don't like to see the girls ill-at-ease, and most of them appear to be, most of the time. And maybe I've watched too many porn vids to be excited about solo's... I've got plenty of that right here!! ;o)

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Thanks for the clarifications, Rock, once my curiosity is aroused I just can't let it go. ( :

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No problem.... Like I's all good....;o)

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Thank you, Kika.

We are SO lucky that you share yourself with us.

Just incredible. Just incredible.


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