Eternal Desire
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Lija is stunning, I would love to see her every day. However, this is not one of Arkisi's better efforts.

Main complaint: #49- you focused on her fingernails? What were you thinking?

#53- I know you like dramatic and directional light, but really a bit of fill light here would be most welcome!

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Even modern cameras have difficulties to focus in the dark. This picture had to be removed - I missed it during the sorting out) Don't take into account...

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My gawd ... what a beautiful girl.

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Arkisi! You let me down, bro!!

Lija starts the set in a pretty, flirty short skirt, and you don't give us any upskirt shots at all! Everyone has off days, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this one...

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No whining...;o) (unless it includes that stupid light! lol)

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He LIKES to whine. On one hand, sometimes I think if you painted him silver and stuck him on the top of a fire truck, he'd be right at home. ;-)

On the other hand, I like the way Lija looks with this dark hair - I think it suits her much better than the peroxide blonde locks she sports in other sets.

As for the body ... that's a whole different set of circumstances ...

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