Eternal Desire
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Very nice body on Lilit, Love her breasts and cunt and anus !

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I love to see all the great poses with the focus on the models face.... There are just so few sets where the models face is in focus... I wish this "technique" was employed more often... :o|

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Agree that Lilit is dynamite, she can have me too (as if she doesn't have many choices, ha ha) But the set is disappointing, to be honest. Only ONE close-up where she's "open", and the focus (as is typical) is on her clit, not her juicy vagina. Tsk, tsk, should have done another shot and move the focus down a bit. And more shots like that please- not every girl gives you a view inside like Lilit, so Arkisi should have taken better advantage of that arousing feature.

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It was her the first photoshoot of that kind and we were confused a little

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I love Lilit's look. She is at once amazingly adorable and heartbreakingly gorgeous. When she looks right into the camera I'm all hers.

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