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#57!! Ooooh yesss! Perfect pose! And the look in her eyes! Aaaa! Awesome!

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Wow! Great! Congratulations for your decision to present Mila. She is definitely one of the two hottest new models this year and I really hope to see lots of content with her throughout the Met Art Network. Great set for a beginning. Thank you so much.

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You're welcome!

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Mila is a superb looking woman. Great model, great photography. Thank you, Mila and Arkisi!

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Wow, incredible model, beautiful photography. Arkisi, you're a great photographer. I just wish that there was less post processing. Any chance?

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Wow! Mila is a spectacular beauty. I love the wonderful breasts, beautiful face and body. Thank you for discovering and presenting this beautiful model to us. I can't wait for the movie promised for next week. Please keep the photos and movies coming. ... Love you Mila. Please keep posing for this great photographer/artist.

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INCREDIBLE model, Arkisi... Mila is stupendous! Just lovely. More fingers than I'd like to see, but thanks for keeping them mostly out of the way. I definitely want to see more of this marvel of nature... please bring her back soon, and if you really want to make me happy, tell me you've taken a lot of sets and films with her... (:

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It's funny, but the first thing I was drawn to about Mila weren't her breasts (spectacular though they are) it was, as with a few other models, her face. She has great facial structure and, from all appearances, she knows how to "work to the camera" with that face and the expressive use of her hands.

Now, as to the rest of her... a true find.

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Yes, I shot a lot of content with this model. Including very explicit videos for our beloved ED members :)
The first film is to be published next week. So stay tuned!

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That's great news, Arkisi, thanks!

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