Eternal Desire
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Arkisi, thank you for giving us a strip. so much nicer than naked in shot 1.

And such a delightful lady!

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What an incredibly beautiful lady - what a body!!! I hope that we see much more of her!

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Ella es suave. Tan suave! Ella es un hermosa poco señora! Tan libre! Tan dulce y suave! Y ella encanta mostrando su hermoso cuerpo fuera! Oh, sí, esos grandes tetas suaves y eso poco dulce coño rosado, O, Sí! Ella delicioso! ¡O, Sí, Soy dura ahora!

  • 2 years ago
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A really great set. Thank you.

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Oh yeah, Mila is the textbook example of why "soft" is such a wonderful thing to be... such a warm, inviting, pretty face, such amazing breasts, a perfectly nuzzleable navel, a cute tushie that I can't help but want to ...well, you get that picture... (; and a perfect, pink portal to paradise that would occupy my attentions for hours on end. Just a stunning beauty.

I'm glad you got more than one set with this amazing young woman, Arkisi! (:

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Alliteration alert! Alliteration alert! "... perfect, pink portal to paradise..." - how old ARE you??? ;-)

BTW... thanks for frame #39. Says a lot without showing anything.

And Mila's got that whole "look back over the shoulder" thing down pat. If she hasn't modeled before, she certainly knows how to do it instinctively.

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How old am I? Well.... I wasn't born yesterday, so I'm a little older than some. On the other hand, I work with seniors so I know I'm a little younger than others. Why would you ask? LOL

As for the alliteration... well, I'm a medical professional, so while the terms "vagina" and "vulva" are perfectly acceptable IMO, they also seem way too clinical to me. And I was in the Navy for 4 years and if you're in the service you learn that a sentence isn't acceptable unless it has at least one vulgarity in it, so by the time I was about 24 I was sick and tired of my potty mouth and so while I don't mind the word "pussy" either, it can get kinda boring after awhile.... so, I sometimes come up with other, more creative ways of saying the same thing that don't sound like I'm writing dialogue for a porn flick. And besides, in my misspent youth, I kind of fancied myself somewhat of a poet... (:

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Really enjoyed that little insight fer realz, very cool.

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