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Without a doubt, Mila is sooo adorable, absolutely gorgeous. Barefoot in jeans and that shirt, She looks So fine!!!
Good set of Mila , but, I think it dropped off too quick, I mean just a few more shots leading up to Mila fingering, and a couple more after to nicely close it out, would have rounded out this set to perfection.

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Now this is one tip top tastic tease, totally tantalising, absolutely love it. :)))

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I liked this set, but why do not you increase the number of megapixels?

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Hi, because any full frame camera 35mm has 12mp true resolution, the more than that number is the result of in-camera interpolation. You can do it easily in PS.

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This set got a great start. Even the cover pic is quite unusually provocative and compelling. And then the obstacles appear. Oh well, she's such a gorgeous girl she's nice to look at even when you can't see her girly bits.

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_fer_.... it's been said to others time and again, but I can hardly believe you'd need to be reminded that this was most probably exactly the way Mila wanted this particular set done. We both know she's not shy about showing us "the goods"

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Oh, I prefer the way ED started out, with primarily MA style sets without fingers in the way.

Time changes everything and ED is moving away from what I like. It's too bad. I LOVE the new masturbation videos, but photos of masturbation just don't work for me.

So, we take the bad with the good. I'm just going to be unsatisfied with more of ED's material than I used to be back in the day.

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Know it's late to comment now, but I understand what you're saying _fer_. I joined SA recently, more photo sets of girls I adore, but I find the photo sets there to be disappointing for the most part, I think SA and Met X should be combined into solely a video site. Years ago there were some sites that had some extremely attractive girls, but they no sooner were naked till a toy was obstructing the view. You are right , toys and fingering works great in video, but does Not work in stills.
Now I don't mind a little bit of fingering, but just a little, I'd rather the girl just touch and spread it a little, maybe show off her sweet clit some. But too much fingering is just hands in the way for still shots.
I am Not unsatisfied with ED at all, I'll be clear on that, I know Arkisi has to try new things, some work and sometimes not so much, just part of the business.
However, I am still puzzled why Arkisi hasn't brought Colleen back yet.... hmmmm. :)

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@ Arkisi

This kind of set I'd appreciate seeing more often. It's become almost too easy to simply light a model and have her go through "the motions" or "the numbers" as it were and to present Mila this way takes/took a lot of thought and preparation to get it this good. Love the colors, the lighting and the moody feel throughout it.

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