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I think that Molly Haze looked gorgeous in every photo !

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I just ran a few tests and yes, you are absolutely right. At 125, the only way to stop down is to push the ISO to about 2500-3200. Can't go less than 125 unless the model is very good about moving and stopping for the shot, which most can't do. (My dog was pretty crappy at it...) The latest generation of cameras are pretty good at 3200, though, so I suppose there will be a solution eventually. In the meantime, more light seems to be the only solution. That's tough!

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Pretty model. The problem with these natural/low light, fully open aperture sets is that the depth of field is only, what, 18 inches? That is fine for some shots but really awful for others. Try pushing the ISO a little and stopping down a stop or two next time. You could always bring in more light and then PS the images to make them a little darker/more intimate. Armchair ex-photographer here. I would probably have done much worse.

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I'm on the shallow DOF. I don't think moving from f2.0 to f4.0 would justify ISO 3200 (from 800). Anyway, thanks for suggestions. This is very important for me.