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Gorgeous eyes!! (All three!)

We have here, the "breakfast of champions"...and horny old men!!

Always a pleasure to drool over, and dream of drooling ON ;o)

And bare feet are so much more sexy than ANY shoes....

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Serena is pure cream and pink perfection... add a sexy pair of high heels and we have attained the sublime.

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"Serena is pure cream and pink perfection"..... Would you "add" a pair of earrings to the Mona Lisa...?? (Or high heels if her feet were showing...) LOL ;o)

(I know...I know.... You're just crazy for a nude in heels...LOL)

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Yep, you got it, Rock. ( :

Mona Lisa? Nice, very nice... but I don't come to EternalDesire for Mona Lisa.... do you? ( ;

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Just an analogy But if she's good looking and willing to get naked, sure, I wouldn't mind seeing her here....;o)

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