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Delightful face! Beautiful blue eyes! OMG! Ah, ohh yes, those big, natural breasts! And then she lets it open! OMG, Oh yeah! (ยก) Oooh Yes! What a beautiful pussy! Thank you, Shia!

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Sha is a very voluptuous sexy all natural young woman. More sets and videos would be most welcome.

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This is my favorite girl. The most magnificent tits of any girl you have featured. I love the beautiful huge tits, but she is beautiful all over.

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This will probably go down in history (my personal history) as one of the very greatest photo sets ever.

Think about it. It's subject is a woman who must surely rate as one of the world's most beautiful, although not widely recognized just yet. It's true that Sha is not to every man's taste (and THAT boggles my mind), but for probably a huge global majority she's a wet dream come true.

Next, this gallery is just full of a variety of delights. Most types of pose and focus you could want are here. Do you like closeup shots of breasts? It's here! How about face & bust shots? That's affirmative! Do you enjoy the presentation of a really great ass? Got it covered! Want a closeup of her flower petal pussy? You on't be disappointed! Or do you prefer full-body shots, so you can see every detail of face & body and enjoy how it all comes together so beautifully? Oh, yeah! Do you like to see your model standing or lying and kneeling on a couch? Either way is okay and included!

And really this is the kind of gallery a woman like Sha needs. Every part is a delight to be admired and photographed (I could enjoy some hand and foot shots!) but the whole of her, her face and body in its entirety, is even more beautiful and should be captured with a photographer's magic.

I'm hoping some of the upcoming photo sets include a variety of settings.

Thank you Sha for giving so freely of your precious self and thanks to Arkisi for capturing her so beautifully!

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Oh! I forgot to mention how AWESTRUCK I am with image #14. The pose is just magnificent with Sha standing on the balls of her feet, wonderful body turned three-quarters toward us, adorable face looking straight at us, lovely arms stretched over her head, beautiful hands & fingers intertwined, and that gorgeous mane cascading down her back. This is, and probably will always be, my favorite Sha photograph, and among my top favorites of anyone. Duplicate it in a beautiful outdoor setting and, okay, THAT would be my favorite.

I want a poster or a statue of Sha just like this!

Arkisi, be a friend and get me a big poster of Sha's image #14, please. Seriously, I wonder if making posters of requested photos from your site could be a paying proposition? I wouldn't know. What about it? I'd be your first customer!

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Thanks, I like this set and this image too!
I think that this is an interesting idea. I'll ask admins is it possible to add such option to the site.

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Maybe, the most beautiful model of the last year.
It worths a membership