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Wow! She looks so tiny! Not that that's a bad thing at all of course... (:

  • 1're right about tiny not being a bad thing but riddle me this Batman...

You're on one side of a monitor, the size of which is probably less than 32" diagonally measured. Sofi's image is displayed on your monitor's screen. Ipso facto she MUST be tiny... unless of course you're viewing her image at life-sized resolution.

On the other hand... if you've removed your Mr. Magoo glasses, then she'd look tiny AND blurry.

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I mean there's not really much in the field of view by which one can measure Sofi's "tininess" is there?

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I think what struck me was the proportions of her head to the rest of her body, Arkie... (: I could be wrong but I think Sofi's a pretty tiny lady. (: Again, I have zero problem with that! (:

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