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Boring is a term loved by teenagers with not enough vocabulary or critical thinking skills, and is often accompanied by the phrase "so unfair" when they don't get their own way.

For me the contrast in textures between Yarina's lovely body and the wood and stone works well in the natural light. She fits very well into my preferred "slim, good nipples, smallish breasts and delightfully expressive face" category that makes me look again and makes her stand out from the other sets.

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Кінчик мого члена в ньому!

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Only? Geez, you're aiming low, my friend... (;

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I just wish her "essence" was open and moist!

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Beautiful Lady! Wonderful photography! You got the "Light" just right! And, You've caught the Lady's essence!

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Boring set. Not Arkisi's best work.

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Why boring? Particular model? Location? Lighting? Not enough close-ups? Saying "boring set" is like saying "makes me feel 'blue'". Often, the "why" behind the comment, when directed towards the photographer, is more important than the simple statement of the fact.

BTW ... what do you feel is Arkisi's "best work"?

Personally, I like Yarina's face and rather athletic-looking body - especially her stomach and abdomen - kinda looks like she pays some attention to them. The natural lighting on her breasts is really nice - I like the way the slightly darker color of her nipples stands out in some shots against her slightly lighter areolae. That, plus the fact that Arkisi didn't seem to use any harsh fill-in flash producing harsh shadows in this naturally-lit outdoor set works well, ... I think. Personally, I'd like to see more of Yarina shot this way.

Thanks Arkisi!

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Stupid comment, not deserved to leave it here.

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