Eternal Desire
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best set of her she is just fit

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Hark a is a magnificent woman. Fantastic in every way. She has it all.....face, figure and overall sexuality. What guy wouldn't LOVE to have this awesome creature???

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Yarina is her name. Spell check changed it to "Hark a". Sorry.

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Hark A for Angel... perfect new name :))

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Yarina + Hark a??? You spell check is so broken & corrupted it needs to be wiped out and the database replaced.

I've seen Arkisi use this location before with similar results. While Yarina is indeed wonderful, her overall skin tone taken with the lighting and the wooden tabletop almost allows her to blend into the overall set color - kind of turns into a monotone set. If that's the intent, then so be it.

I would have much rather seen either some other way of lighting Yarina or a move to a less overall "orangish/brown" area of the house.

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