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"Rub-a-dub-dub...I LOVE YOU ZELDA!!!" ;o) XOXOXOX

(I've had enough "bathroom sets" to last a few lifetimes...)

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As much as I really love to see Zelda and, particularly in this set, what would make it even better (for me) would have been to see her in a tub filled with lots of soapy bubbles with her delectable rear just poking out through the bubbles.

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I'm not sure about the other members - I always see complaints about water/sand/soap etc - even hands! - covering the view...

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Yes, I notice those complaints too. But in photography, as many times in life, anticipation or a "hint" of something can be as provocative as the thing itself. I like the way you turned the set into a high key shoot counterpoised with Zelda's luxuriant dark hair and her marvelous skin tone. Reall makes her "pop" off the page/screen.

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I guarantee as sure as you're breathing, if you were in the bathroom with Zelda & camera in hand, you wouldn't be complaining. You might not have chosen the venue yourself, but you definitely wouldn't be complaining. ;-)

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