Eternal Desire
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Spectacular set of a beautiful photo #19 especially where Zeldas beautiful smile and spectacular pussy are both in full view!!

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I love her dark tan, very sexy.

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The shots where she squats down in the doorway and spreads her legs are incredible

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Zelda is such eye-candy, I might be going into hyperglycemic shock.

Really like the shots done in the confines of the bathroom. Tough to do and not get the lighting overblown or underexposed.

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I really, really like Zelda and this minimalist set done with the semi-sheer white top with Zelda's slightly dark areolae showing through work quite well for me.

The counterpoint to Zelda's dark hair, the white top and warm wood-tones of the bathroom are those RED SHOES. I don't think they could be any redder and, although from the design of them, I'd personally classify them as "Frankenshoes", they seem to work on Zelda. What I like most about them are the stiletto heels. They look dangerous as all get-out ... about the same thing that can be said about Zelda.

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OMG, Zelda.

Sooooo gorgeous and sexy and fun !

Thanks for sharing your bod, Zel.

You. Are. Awesome.

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No complaints with Zelda, she is a beauty! But the set was disappointing for me, no close-ups, just a bit bland for what I expect on Eternal Desire. That doesn't mean bad, it just means that I've seen Arkisi do better.

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A true Goddess, Zelda has never failed to "move" me. This is short, but very sweet.

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