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Zelda never ceases to amaze me, awesome set of pictures, #51 is my favorite, oh that looks so good....

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Wow! Not to take away from Zelda of course, but that's a fascinating setting, Arkisi. It looks like a beach with pebbles rather than sand. Where did you shoot this set? ( :

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Also love the "You naughty boys/girls" look in frame #18 ... just a great facial expression.

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Some great comp shots here for Ray-Ban & Serengeti glasses.

Love the hip-bump in frame #4

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Can I pretty please have a super-sized poster-sized print of frame #3 to replace my Farrah Fawcett poster? ;-)

Re pebbly beaches ... there are lots of them along the Iberian peninsula, throughout Italy and the Adriatic coastlines. Unless Arkisi confesses, there's not much of a way of telling.

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This place is one of Canarian beaches, you are so close :)
The exact place let me keep in secret....

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Ha ha!

Thanks for the info, Arkisi, as you may have noticed, I'm a very nosy person. ( ;

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